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Dragon Ball Pins
Dragon Ball Pins

Dragon Ball Pins

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Metals Type: Copper & Zinc Alloy
Enamal Type: Soft
Size: varies
Origin: Dragon Ball 

Enter the epic world of Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z with our Enamel Pin Collection. Each set includes a variety of meticulously crafted pins, featuring iconic characters and symbols from these legendary anime series.

Product Benefits:

  • Premium Materials: Crafted from a blend of copper and zinc alloy, these pins capture the essence of Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z, showcasing intricate details that do justice to your favorite characters.

  • Soft Enamel Brilliance: The soft enamel finish adds depth and vibrancy to each pin's design, making them true collector's items for fans of the series.

  • Diverse Sizes: Our pin collection offers various sizes to cater to your preferences. Whether you prefer a compact 1-inch pin or a bold 2-inch pin, we have options to suit your style.

  • Characters Galore: Dive into the world of Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, and more. Each pin tells a unique story and adds a touch of nostalgia to your collection.

  • Perfect for Fans: Whether you're a die-hard fan or new to the Dragon Ball universe, these pins are an excellent way to express your love for the series, add a dash of anime to your outfit, or showcase your favorite characters with pride.

With our Dragon Ball & Dragon Ball Z Enamel Pin Collection, you can carry the spirit of these incredible anime series wherever you go. Join the adventures, battles, and unforgettable moments that have captured the hearts of fans worldwide.

Embrace the power of the Dragon Balls. Add this pin collection to your repertoire today and let the legacy of Goku and his friends live on!

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