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Praise The Sun Pin - [Dark Souls Pin]
Praise The Sun Pin - [Dark Souls Pin] Pink background
Back of the Praise The Sun Pin - [Dark Souls Pin]

Praise The Sun Pin - [Dark Souls]

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Metals Type: Copper & Zinc Alloy
Enamal Type: Soft
Size: 1.1in by 0.7in
Origin: Dark Souls (The Game)
Deeper Origin: A cool pose in the game



Embrace the iconic gesture of praise with our Praise The Sun Pin, inspired by the legendary game Dark Souls. Measuring a compact 1.1 inches tall by 0.7 inches wide (2.79cm x 1.78cm), this gaming pin lets you carry the fervor of the Solaire of Astora wherever your adventures take you.

Product Benefits:

  • Premium Materials: Crafted from a blend of copper and zinc alloy, this Praise The Sun pin captures the intricate details of the "Praise The Sun" emblem, ensuring it's a faithful representation of the Dark Souls universe.

  • Soft Enamel Brilliance: The soft enamel finish enhances the vibrant colors and depth of the pin's design, making it a true collector's item for fans of the game.

  • Gamer's Tribute: This pin pays homage to the iconic "Praise The Sun" gesture, a symbol of camaraderie and determination among Dark Souls players. It's a must-have for those who've braved the challenges of Lordran.

  • Expression of Positivity: The Praise The Sun gesture is a sign of optimism and triumph. Wear it proudly to inspire positivity in your daily life and express your love for this unforgettable gaming experience.

Whether you're adding a touch of gaming to your attire or showcasing your devotion to Dark Souls, our Praise The Sun Pin is the perfect accessory.

Join the ranks of Dark Souls enthusiasts and the fellowship of Solaire. Add this pin to your collection today and let the sun shine brightly on your journey.

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