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That's None of My Business Pin | Meme Pin [Kermit The Frog From The Muppets]

That's None of My Business - Meme Pin [Kermit The Frog From The Muppets]

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Metals Type: Copper
Enamal Type: Soft
Size: 1.4in by 1.7in
Meme: "But that's none of my business" - Kermit The Frog
Origin: The Muppets
Deeper Origin: Instagram, @KermitBeLike [more info]



Sip on some meme-worthy humor with our Kermit That's None of My Business Pin. Measuring a generous 1.4 inches by 1.7 inches (approximately 35.56mm x 43.18mm), this pin brings the iconic Kermit The Frog meme to life.

Why you should have this meme pin...

  • High-Quality Copper: Crafted from premium copper, this That's None of My Business pin ensures both exceptional detail and long-lasting durability, so you can enjoy Kermit's wisdom for years to come.

  • Soft Enamel Brilliance: The soft enamel finish captures the vibrant colors and nuances of the meme, adding an extra layer of charm and authenticity with the That's None of My Business Pin

  • Meme Magic: Celebrate the humor and wit of the That's none of my business meme, made famous by Kermit The Frog. It's a hilarious reminder that sometimes, it's best to stay out of the drama.

  • Muppets Nostalgia: Kermit The Frog is a beloved character from The Muppets, and this pin pays tribute to his enduring popularity. Wear it proudly to spark conversations about this iconic amphibian.

  • Instagram Influence: Dive deeper into the meme's origin by showcasing your knowledge of @KermitBeLike on Instagram. Share the backstory with friends and fellow enthusiasts.

Whether you're expressing your sense of humor, reminiscing about The Muppets, or just want to add a touch of meme culture to your style, our That's None of My Business Pin is the perfect accessory.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to own this meme-inspired pin. Add it to your collection today and let Kermit remind you, "But that's none of my business."

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